What are the age requirements for the X Factor US?

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The age requirements for the XFactor US have yet to be announced. Keep checking back here to xfactorusnews.blogpost.com for more details.

But let me tell you about the age qualifications for the Xfactor in Britain.

The show is split into categories which includes age.

For Xfactor series 1-3, the categories were:

  • Solo singers aged 16-24 
  • Solo singers aged 25 and over
  • Vocal Groups (including duos) 
For X Factor series 4-5, the age limit was lowered (controversially) from 16 to 14 years old. So the categories were:

  • Solo singers male ("boys") aged 14-24
  • Solo singers female ("girls") aged 14-24 
  • Over 25s (male and female)
  • Vocal Groups (including duos) 
For X Factor series 6, the age limit was returned to 16 years old. So the categories were:

  • Solo singers male ("boys") aged 16-24 
  • Solo singers female ("girls") aged 16-24 
  • Over 25s (male and female)
  • Vocal groups (including duos) 

There are five stages to The X Factor competition:

  • Stage 1: Producers' auditions (so the hundreds of thousands of people audition in front of producers first, before the TV filming part which is done in front of the celebrity judges) 
  • Stage 2: Judges' audition (from here on, you see this on TV) 
  • Stage 3: Boot camp 
  • Stage 4: Visits to judges' houses 
  • Stage 5: Live shows (finals) 
In the latest series (X Factor 6) Stage 2 is also in front of a live studio audience. It makes the audition stage very different from American idol in feel but it's kinda more like Britain's Got Talent though.

So you see, for The X Factor UK at least, there is no upper age range. It will probably be the same for once the XFactor auditions are held in the USA you would imagine.

That's fantastic news for American Idol rejects who have passed their qualifying age. The American Idol age range is currently 16-28 years old. For series 1-3 the upper age limit was 24 years old.

So get practising....before you know it the auditions for the X Factor 2011 will be on their way!!

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